Interview with Comedian Bear Webb

Interview With Comedian Bear Webb

In preparation for the Brew and Wit Comedy Show at Brew Urban Cafe, we were able to get an EXCLUSIVE interview with Comedian Bear Webb.

The Brew and Wit Comedy Show will be on Friday July 28th 8pm. Free for all attendees! Be sure to place your RSVP in advance!​

Interview with Comedian Bear Webb

As one of South Florida's regular working comics, what do you find the most intriguing when it comes to a career in our area?

Working in South Fla is unique and intriguing for many reasons. The range of venues from the big stage to the intimate personal comedy rooms, gives all comics experience and the ability to expand their talents. The diversity of not only the audiences, but the comics of south Florida is actually the one thing I love the best about performing in this community.

How would you describe your method from joke idea to performing on stage?

My joke ideas from on concept to stage is probably the same as most comics. What makes me laugh is where it starts. If it makes me laugh and it is part of what we call "our voice" then I will try it on stage. My wife is my go to. She is honest and has the best sense of humor coupled with the most amazing laugh. If she thinks it's funny, then it is!

What do you mostly base your comedy on?

My comedy is based truth. I make fun of myself. My comedy ranges from my lifestyle, the way I look, to my 30 year as a teacher. Teachers tend to really enjoy my act because I feel their pain and turn it into laughter. Teachers are serving a life sentence in our Educational Correctional Institution with no chance of parole. We are Deadman Walking, so to say.

What can the people from Broward County expect this coming Friday at Brew Urban Cafe?

This Friday's audience can expect a high energy, open and honest, funny comedian who ranges somewhere between Ron White and Sam Kinison. I love interacting with my audience to make each show personal and one to remember. I bring to the table comedy without correctness, brash bitterness, and a butt load of laughter.

What's your favorite joke and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

My favorite joke is anything from my wife. She is the funniest person I know. She has brought love and laughter to a new level. From a professional comedian, I would say anything from Sam Kinison. "move to where the food is" to this day makes pee run down my leg. If you are unfamiliar with him, do yourself a favor and you tube his sets. Taken from us far too soon, he is a legend. So between a legend and my lifetime love, I am pretty sure the only way I will laughing.​