Casey Peruski

5 Interview Questions with Casey Peruski

Casey Peruski has been working in the South Florida Comedy circuit for years not only as a comedian, but also as a producer at one of the longest running comedy events in Sofla: Casey and Spaz Comedy Show, which features an all professional line up of working comedians.

However, this coming Thursday, Casey Peruski will be headlining a very exclusive event at BREW Urban Cafe in the FAT VILLAGE area of Broward.

Known for its trendy attendees, comfortable environment, and selections of coffee, wine, and cocktails; we are happy to announce this show is FREE to attend. And an incredible experience awaits comedy goers...

Be sure to place your reservation in advance:

As one of South Florida's regular working comics, what do you find the most intriguing when it comes to a career in our area?

Dreams come true in Florida! Florida's great for comedy there is so many awesome shows just a drive away. Plus so many different crowds and types of rooms. It's true what they say, no two stand up shows are the same, especially in Florida.

How would you describe your method from joke idea to performing on stage?

Ideas come best from real life and things that we all know but we did't realize. One Performing we are all out living life and having experiences and being able to connect in a live moment in the efforts to laugh, that's a good sauce.  If i'm having fun, you are going to have fun, well most of you.

What do you mostly base your comedy on?

Life which means me, a goof in public, a husband and father, as how hilarious this world is.

What can the people from Broward County expect this coming Thursday at Brew Urban Cafe?

It's a live show! I always interact with the crowd and talk about the latest things on my mind. This isn't TV you will be part of the show

What's your favorite joke and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

That's hard I know so many.  Anything from Seinfield, Louie CK, Norm Macdonald