About Laugh Night: Spill The Beans Comedy Show Contest

The Spill the Beans Comedy Show has been around for a while now, showing the folks of Broward a fantastically fun and funny time. Here is the thing that makes this show extra special: it's hidden. 

This gem of a comedy show, is like a quaint Comedy Club you find in the crevices of New York. Small, yet intimate and jam packed full of comedians and attendees looking for a hilarious night out on the weekend.

This past show featured a comedy competition where comedians stepped up to the attentive audience and performed there best material to win the grand cash prize.

The winner of this event was Comedian Brendan Jay from Miami, along with Gregory Perritt and Jeff Klein coming in on 2nd and 3rd place.

Be on the look out for the next comedy event, and if you find tickets available, be sure to purchase them quickly! As cozy as the intimate environment may be, there can only be seated 40 attendees comfortably. So it is imperative to have your tickets in advance to secure your seats.

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