Comedian Oscar Collazos

Interview with Comedian Oscar Collazos

In preparation for the upcoming special "New York Made me this way", we were able to get an exclusive interview with comedian Oscar Collazos. This is a self produced comedy event at Artserve in Broward County. Right up our alley and a one time only event!

From Florida to New York, now back, what do you find the most exciting about performing here again?

Being able to perform in front of the people who love you the most. My support system down here is what keeps me going up there.

What motivated you to start your own show? Why did you name it New York Made me this way?

A few things motivated me. First, It's been quite some time since I headlined my own show down here. Secondly, I planned it on the eve of my 20-year high school reunion. So there will be a good number of high school classmates who I haven't seen in awhile that will be in attendance. It's always exciting performing in front of people who have never seen you before. I named it New York Made Me This Way because while studying my act, I realized that a good portion of my material is a comparison of the person I was before and I am now. I am a different person and it's mainly due to living in New York City since 2005. I think naming a show elevates what people expect. This isn't just a regular stand-up comedy show. This has substance.

What do you mostly base your comedy on?

My experiences, my family, my degenerate thought process. Also, New York City. That place is a freaking zoo.

What can the people from Broward County expect this coming Friday at Artserve Stage?

A fun night filled with laughs from a bunch of different points of view. I've invited a few of my favorite South Florida comedians to partake in the event. So the jokes will be coming from all sorts of angles.

What is your Favorite joke and from whom? Why do you find it funny?

My favorite jokes have time limits. I'll watch a brilliant bit, I'll say it's my favorite and keep it there until I see a new brilliant bit. And then I just store them all in the Favorite Joke Bank. Right now, I'd have to say when Bill Burr explains why he left the Catholic religion and also Louis CK religion bit on his 2017 special. I basically just love when comedians laugh at religion.

Oscar Collazos Presents: New York Made me this Way